In my 28 years as a director of hospital business offices, from the smallest to the largest, and also having the opportunity to work on the vendor’s side as a consultant, I can really appreciate a company like CBB… CBB has always responded in the most professional manner, and with the greatest performance and the least amount of problems. If every vendor took as much pride in their work and servicing their clients as well as CBB does, it would make all of our lives in the healthcare business office arena much easier.

-John A. Chapman, Director of Patient Financial Services

For over 30 years, Antelope Valley Hospital has utilized California Business Bureau (CBB) and Medical Billing Services (MBS) as our Partner. The constant dedication exhibited to the hospital, as well as to our patients has not been matched. CBB/MBS provides stellar service to each account whether dealing with the individual patient, or the insurance, and the quick turnaround of receipt of payments reflects this.

-Pam Friedell, Business Office Director

CBB’s staff is professional, friendly, and always sensitive to the needs of this facility.

-Karen Schindler, Director, Business Services & Managed Care

Customer service is always one of the measurements that truly defines a company and their commitment to excellence. I can say without hesitation that I have always experienced the highest levels of customer service and expedient resolution to my inquiries. This high level of service exists from the collection staff at CBB all the way through the management, including the President.

-Dan Kehl, Corporate Director, Patient Financial Services