Collection Services

Bad Debt Collections

CBB’s goal is to collect payment in full on the first call. Experience has shown that through the use of effective collection letters, key phrases, and timely follow-up, collection recoveries are maximized. Follow-up on accounts is based upon the patient/guarantor’s response. While some accounts require daily follow-up, others may require weekly or monthly follow-up.

CBB provides training that emphasizes professionalism and courtesy, along with adherence to rules and regulations stipulated by the FDCPA & TCPA. The greatest training, however, comes from our managers’ years of experience in healthcare collections. CBB’s account representatives are taught effective communication skills that encourage a positive response from the patient/guarantor, project confidence, acknowledge patient/guarantor concerns, develop a rapport, and allow them to serve as a resource in resolving our Clients’ accounts.

Collection efforts include:

Dispute resolution
Third-party billing
Credit reporting
Skip tracing
Personal injury/lien management
Charity care screening

Legal Accounts

After an account has gone through the initial collection process and the patient/guarantor has expressed an unwillingness to pay, a decision will be made to refer the account to our attorney with instructions to proceed with legal action. A thorough asset search will be completed and we conduct discount screening in accordance with the Client’s Financial Assistance Policy (FAP). Accounts must meet strict criteria to be considered for litigation which includes the exhaustion of all other efforts, denial of settlement offers, and Client approval to move forward.