Why Work With Us?

Why work with CBB/MBS:

We are 100% healthcare

We have expertly provided full-service accounts receivable management services exclusively to the healthcare industry since 1973

We have been assigned and trusted with billions of dollars in Client portfolios and have collected billions of dollars for our Clients

Personalized support staff for your business office

An executive management team with years of experience working for hospitals

We are dedicated to hiring qualified staff and providing them with continuing education and training

CBB/MBS’ proprietary computer software for reporting and programming flexibility

Features & Benefits

Since our inception in 1973, CBB/MBS has worked with nearly every type of healthcare facility in the industry. Because of our experience and knowledge within the healthcare industry we have the skills to expertly resolve all of our Clients’ account receivable management needs.

Business types we have partnered with:

  • Cancer Centers
  • Corporate Chains
  • For-Profit Facilities
  • Orthopedic Offices
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Trauma Centers
  • Children’s Centers
  • County Hospitals
  • Medical Clinics
  • Psychiatric Providers
  • Physicians’ Offices
  • Community Hospitals
  • District Hospitals
  • Non-profit Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Teaching Hospitals