Medical Billing Services

Outsourcing of Healthcare Accounts Receivable

MBS provides full-service support for a variety of account types including insurance billing, re-billing, follow-up, auditing/short-pays, aged receivable backlog reduction assistance, call center programs, early-out/self-pay, self-pay after insurance, and conversion assistance.

Medical Billing Services

MBS manages your healthcare accounts receivables that are either part of a pre-collect/early placement program or are referred for third-party medical billing, follow-up, and collection. MBS serves as a billing service with the flexibility to creatively structure our services to meet the needs of every Client.

Some of the highlights of the MBS approach include:

Increased revenue
Early billing of receivables (whether insurance or patient responsibility)
Ability to appeal and pursue underpayments by insurance/contracts via claims adjudication
Specially-designed reports and tracking capabilities
Unique and project-specific accounts receivable management services

MBS is able to respond to any type of billing need, whether on a continual or project-specific basis. This includes insurance accounts, self-pay accounts, and a variety of other specialty services.

MBS Insurance Accounts

MBS Insurance is made up of highly-experienced medical billing specialists trained in all areas of insurance reimbursement to increase significant revenue for our Clients. Our insurance account representatives attend ongoing training including teleconference seminars, courses in third-party, non-government provider billing, California Children’s Services (CCS), and HIPAA compliance.

Our insurance accounts receivable process ranges from preliminary account analysis and review to a review of charges, payments, adjustments, coverage and benefits eligibility through follow-up with insurance providers, appeals, and audit.

MBS specializes in a number of reimbursement types including:

Aged receivable backlog reduction assistance
Underpayment/denials appeal
Unique, project-specific services
Our insurance account specialists work the following types:
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO)
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)
  • Medicare Managed Care
  • Medi-Cal Managed Care
  • Commercial Insurance Accounts
  • Workers’ Compensation Follow-up
  • Victims of Crimes (VOC)
  • Personal Injury Liens
  • California Children’s Services (CCS)
  • Trauma

MBS Insurance specializes in the collection of underpayment/short-pay accounts assigned by Clients for the audit and review of appropriate contractual reimbursement. Over the past several years, MBS has collected hundreds of millions of dollars for our Clients in underpayments/short pays from insurance companies.

Self-Pay Accounts

The MBS Cash Department is able to work accounts as early as one day after the bill first drops, expediting the billing and collection cycles for our Clients. MBS acts as an extension of our Clients’ business offices and specializes in a number of services to assist them in the recovery of monies.

MBS’ Cash Department services and features:

No credit reporting
Call center/patient customer service
Patient balance after insurance/patient portion
Aged receivable backlog reduction assistance programs
Financial agreement options
Charity care screening

MBS provides Clients quick account resolution and a greater return. Our cash account representatives are skilled communicators who are able to tactfully encourage payment in full. MBS Cash does not add interest to the principal balance of the account or report to the account to a credit bureau. Any accounts determined to be uncollectible will be recommended for bad debt.

Other Specialty Services

CBB/MBS is qualified to provide a number of specialty services for our Clients including personal injury/lien management, root cause analysis reporting, denials management, conversion assistance, payor assistance projects, vendor audits, and weekly inventory audit reviews.

In addition, MBS specializes in working with reassigned/second placement insurance accounts that have been deemed uncollectible by a previous vendor and returned to our Clients. These accounts are re-worked and resolved by MBS with the same diligence as a new account.