Workers’ Compensation Billing

Workers' Compensation

CBB/MBS workers’ compensation specialists are experienced and thoroughly trained to handle the complexities of workers’ compensation billing. Our focus is on coding accuracy and timely filing prevention. Our internal processes are under constant review for improvement. Training is ongoing to stay current with the ever-changing codes and workers’ compensation laws. Our goal is to help our Clients increase profitability.

Our workers’ compensation services and features include:

  • Dedicated workers’ compensation specialists
  • Online tracking of accounts through EAMS
  • Electronic lien filing
  • Monitor all scheduled court hearings
  • Represent Clients in court
  • Assist Clients in setting up uniform assigned name with the Division of Workers’ Compensation
  • Manage claims to avoid timely filing issues
  • Negotiated payment directly with the employer when applicable
  • Audit payments for maximum recovery per the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) or Client contract
  • Appeal unpaid or underpaid balances