Our Organization

Our President

Michael J. Sigal, owner, president and sole stockholder, has been working in the healthcare accounts receivable management industry since 1966.  Mr. Sigal has successfully led CBB/MBS since 1973, providing ongoing key guidance in corporate management and strategic planning, supported by an experienced management team.

Our Executive Management Team

CBB/MBS is managed by our executive team who have experience working on both the vendor and hospital sides of the healthcare industry. They possess decades of service and hands-on collection experience at all phases of the revenue cycle. The executive management team works alongside Mr. Sigal to develop corporate strategy, goal-setting, issue resolution, policy and procedure observance, and daily business management.

Our Employees

CBB/MBS is continuously investing in the company through its people, training and education, customer service, and technology.  All managers and supervisors regularly attend meetings, workshops, and seminars to stay up-to-date with industry trends, laws, and regulations.

CBB/MBS’ objectives will always include maintaining optimal performance and exceptional service for our Clients, along with maximizing our efforts through quality healthcare receivables management practices and programs. These values are the foundation of our business and are greatly responsible for CBB/MBS’ success. We continuously focus on leadership development, mentoring account representatives, and biller training programs designed to build upon and strengthen our core business fundamentals and values to ensure our continued premier status in the healthcare industry.

Quality Control

In recognition of the unique needs of each of our Clients, and as a sign of our commitment to providing quality customer service, we have created and implemented several quality control tools including our client watch program, weekly internal status and review meetings, weekly client conference calls, real-time client system access, and electronic daily monitoring of the movement of assigned accounts through the billing and/or collection process.

Client Relations – Business Office Support

Our client representatives are professional, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing quality customer service. They are the liaisons between CBB/MBS and your business office. They possess an in-depth knowledge of operations, experience, and efficiency in responding to our Client requests and are available to your business office on an as-needed basis to support the special tasks involved with the on or off­-site follow-up of assigned accounts.

Information Systems/Services

CBB/MBS’ Information Systems team is fully-staffed to support our internal collections services and call center. Our I.S. department serves our Clients through custom interfaces and has developed and implemented a variety of unique programs and tools to facilitate the interfacing, processing and strategic handling of assigned accounts.


CBB/MBS retains legal counsel as a last resort for those accounts where our research and follow-up show a patient has the means to pay but is unwilling. Accounts must meet strict criteria to be considered for litigation which includes the exhaustion of all other efforts, denial of settlement offers, and Client approval to move forward.

Administrative Services
Business Office Support

The Administrative Services Department manages daily incoming client calls, provides a response to all client requests, processes payments, and administers account reconciliation.